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Address to the Nation on the United States Air Strike Against Libya, April 14, 1986
April 14, 1986

One of the most newsworthy events of [1886] was our air raid on Libya. We had irrefutable proof that Colonel Qadhafi was responsible for bombing a disco in West Germany that had killed some U.S. military people. We also had proof Qadhafi’s terrorists were responsible for shooting up an ai


Address to the Nation on the Explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger, January 28, 1986
January 28, 1986
The sight of the Challenger exploding is seared into each of our minds. A few days after the explosion, I attended a memorial service in Houston for the crew. I stood next to Jane Smith, the wife of Michael Smith, one of the crewmen on the Challenger. She gave me a most remarkable gift, a three-b

Remarks on Signing the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, December 8, 1987
December 8, 1987

The big news of [1987]…was the INF agreement. We signed it in the East Room of the White House. I believe this proves what progress can be made when we bargain from a position of strength and determination. I don’t think the agreement would have been possible without our defense buildup.


Remarks on East-West Relations at the Brandenburg Gate in West Berlin, June 12, 1987
June 12, 1987

The Brandenburg Gate and the Berlin Wall separate Berlin into East and West. In spite of the changes that are going on in Communist countries, especially the Soviet Union, that wall is a reminder of the difference between freedom and totalitarianism. The people of East Berlin are walled in wi


Farewell Address to the Nation, January 11, 1989
January 11, 1989

I should tell you what I’m up to now that I’m out of office. Well, I’m still giving speeches, still sounding off about those things I didn’t get accomplished while I was president….

So I’m back where I came in - out there on the mashed potato circuit. I hav


Inaugural Address, January 20, 1981
January 20, 1981
I do think, however, that my faith in the American people and in what they could do had a special resonance in 1980…The year 1981 was one of applying the conservative principles that I had so long espoused to national government. The great exercise was almost cut short by Mr. Hinckley’s bulle
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