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The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation is the nonprofit organization created by President Reagan himself and specifically charged by him with continuing his legacy and sharing his principles - individual liberty, economic opportunity, global democracy and national pride. The Foundation is a non-partisan organization which sustains the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum, the Reagan Center for Public Affairs, the Walter and Leonore Annenberg Presidential Learning Center and its internationally recognized, award-winning Discovery Center, and the Air Force One Pavilion.

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization under the IRS Code, sections 509(a)(1) and 170(b)(1)(A)(vi) and as such contributions are deductible as described therein.

Friends of the Reagan Foundation

Annual membership program designed to give you many special privileges while supporting the Reagan Legacy.
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Planning your Gift

Give a gift that lasts beyond your life time. Plan Your Gift Now.
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Annenberg Presidential Learning Center

A model for civic education, empowering educators and youth to become better citizens through effective communication and the understanding of democratic principles, the center runs on generous donations of private citizens.
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Center for Public Affairs

A forum of ideas where influential leaders speak on the lessons learned from the Reagan Presidency and how they apply today.
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The Ronald Reagan Presidential Museum

Providing solid and symbolic substance to the office the American presidency, the Museum experience tells the story of Ronald and Nancy Reagan and proclaims his legacy of individual liberty, economic opportunity, global democracy and national pride. Help create new and exciting exhibitions.
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For more information, please call the Development Office at 805-522-2977, fax us at 805-520-9702, or email

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The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation
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