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Q. Where is the Reagan Library located?
A. The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum is located in Simi Valley, about halfway between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, California. Please click here for a map & detailed directions.
Q. How long is a Discovery Center field trip?
A. Allow at least 3.5 to 4 hours for your trip. In addition to the hour-long Discovery Center simulation, students also receive a docent-led tour of the museum, eat lunch, and have an educational pre-brief. Note that supplemental activities and pre-scheduled gift shop time may lengthen the trip.
Q. What is the cost?
A. All students and teachers are free of charge.  Parents over the allowed number of chaperones per the Chaperone Policy must pay for their own ticket at admissions and are not a part of the field trip experience. 
Q. What ages/groups can book a tour with the Discovery Center?
A. The program is created for students in grades 5 and above. The Discovery Center is not open to the public, but is available for school groups, home school groups, youth groups, after-school programs, camps, clubs, etc.
Q. Who decides what each student's role will be?
A. Teachers receive role assignment sheets prior to the field trip, which describe the requirements of the student roles. The teacher then places students in roles appropriate to their ability levels.
Q. What if there are not enough students for all the roles?
A. The Discovery Center can hold a maximum of 45 students at one time; however, we can accommodate groups as small as 9 and as large as 225 per day.
Q. Can you accommodate special needs and/or English Language Learners?
A. Yes. All our educators are California-credentialed and C.L.A.D. certified. The Discovery Center is wheel-chair accessible. Our curriculum can be adapted for vision and hearing impaired students. Our program is comprised of videos, written materials, and oral discussion. Each room allows students to be placed in primary or secondary roles. Students in secondary roles will have less reading and oral discussion. Our educators will modify the discussion as needed to ensure that students have the best experience possible. Please click here for additional special needs information.
Q. Can parents accompany the students inside the Discovery Center?
A. Only adults who have been designated by the teacher per the Role Assignment sheets are allowed inside the Discovery Center. The maximum number of adults allowed per rotation is 3 (except for special needs aides with proper employee identification). This policy is strictly enforced. Parents/chaperones who do not go into the Discovery Center are free to tour the museum on their own. They may eat lunch with their students if space is available.
Q. Why do you only allow three adults inside the Discovery Center?
A. The Discovery Center is limited in space and seating, and each module is facilitated by a credentialed educator. When fewer adults are present, students are less intimidated and distracted, thus establishing a better environment for learning. There is also limited seating in the modules. Please click here to view our chaperone policy.
Q. Will time be built into the schedule for lunch?
A. Students have the option of bringing sack lunches or the teacher may order and purchase boxed lunches prior to the field trip. Students will eat on-site, under the wings of Air Force One. NOTE: Students are not permitted to visit the café or the Ronald Reagan pub to buy lunch onsite. Please click here to download the lunch form.
Q. Will students have time to visit the gift shop?
A. Gift shop time must be scheduled by the teacher prior to the date of the field trip. Once students arrive, they will follow a structured schedule. If gift shop time is not arranged beforehand, they will not have extra time during their trip. An additional option is to pre-order gift bags from the gift shop. With time restrictions, we believe the time spent at the museum and in the Discovery Center are a priority. Please click here for more information regarding the gift bag option.
Q. What happens if we arrive late or need to leave early?
A. Any changes need to be made prior to the field trip date. Since the Discovery Center accommodates more than one school group per day, specific schedules are created for each student group. If a school arrives late, they will unfortunately lose part of their experience for the day. Similarly, if a school leaves early, they will forfeit some of the activities as changes are not made to the schedule once the field trip has begun.
Q. What is the dress code for the students?
A. Students should dress nicely, comfortably, and conservatively. Encourage them to wear comfortable shoes for walking.