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Welcome to our Virtual Tour of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum!  This tour will take you through the outdoor grounds, inside the Reagan Museum, and through the Air Force One Pavilion.

Although the Virtual Tour is a great way to visit us and learn about the Library’s offerings, we hope you still come and experience our campus in person.  While you’re here, there is so much to see and to interact with – act in a movie with Ronald Reagan using green screen technology, deliver the presidential oath of office on the steps of the U.S. Capitol using a teleprompter, play on our many interactive game tables, and tour through the actual Air Force One aircraft that served seven U.S. presidents.

Enjoy your tour!

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On this part of our Virtual Tour, take a stroll through the Reagan Library Museum galleries. Learn about Ronald Reagan as a young boy and follow him through Hollywood, Sacramento and the White House.

For more information about the Reagan Library and Museum,
please click here.

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Enter the Air Force One Pavilion on this part of our Virtual Tour. As you explore the building, don’t forget to “look up” on the virtual tour from our 2nd and 3rd floors to get great shots of the belly of the plane!

Note that the Virtual Tour does not take you through the actual Air Force One aircraft.  You’ll have to visit us at the Reagan Library to experience that for yourself!

For more information about our Air Force One Pavilion, please click here.

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Enjoy our replica of the White House South Lawn and examine an authentic piece of the Berlin Wall on this portion of your Virtual Tour.

For more information on our Berlin Wall display, please click here.

Visiting the Reagan Library

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