The Curriculum Advisory Board (CAB) is a team of volunteer educators, ranging from classroom teachers to curriculum specialists to school and district administrators, who advise and ensure that our education initiatives meet the rigorous demands of local, state, and national academic standards. The members of the Curriculum Advisory Board represent outstanding educators and thinkers from across the country.
Eric Ball
Government, Economics, and U.S. History Teacher, Liberty High School and District Coordinator and Head Coach of We the People

Aditi Doshi
U.S. History Teacher and Participant in National Constitution Center's Annenberg Summer Teacher Institute

Leslie Hayden
U.S. History Teacher, John C. Fremont High School

Scott Horton
A.P. U.S. History Teacher and Lecturer at Buffalo State College

John Lee
Executive Director, Teach Plus Los Angeles and Founding Principal KIPP Los Angeles Preparatory School

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